Reachy 2021 Documentation

Covers everything you need to know from the physical installation of Reachy to advanced uses like VR tele-operation.

Discover Reachy

Discover your Reachy Kit and everything you need to know to set it up: hardware presentation, installation and conection.

Python SDK

Easy control of a Reachy robot in Python: read sensor information (eg. camera, joint position, force) and send actuator commands.

VR tele-operation

Control the robot remotely using Reachy's VR teleoperation application.

ROS2 Foxy driver

Use Reachy packages to control it directly using ROS2 Foxy: URDF, kinematics, joint_state, RViz, etc.


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⚠️ This documentation is for the version 2021 of Reachy. If you have a Reachy-2019, you can visit the documentation of the 2019 version.