Available system services

System services are available on the robot to automatically launch on start the most commonly used features of the robot. Nevertheless, you may want to use Reachy differently and deactivate them.

Several services are available on your robot:

  • reachy_kinematics.service
  • reachy_controllers.service
  • reachy_sdk_server.service

We use system.d services. If you are not familiar with this system, you should refer to the official documentation. The services are stored in etc/systemd/system.

If you have a Full kit, reachy_sdk_server.service is enabled by default, which means that the service is launched automatically when you start the robot.

This service launch the following nodes:

  • from reachy_kinematics:
    • robot_state_publisher (from reachy_description for latest versions)
    • orbita_kinematics_service (full/starter kit only)
    • arm_kinematics_service
  • from reachy_controllers:
    • joint_state_controller
    • camera_publisher (full/starter kit only)
    • camera_zoom_service (full/starter kit only)
  • from reachy_sdk_server:
    • reachy_sdk_server
    • camera_server (full/starter kit only)

In latest version:

  • from reachy_focus:
    • reachy_focus

Activating reachy_kinematics.service will launch the nodes from reachy_kinematics. Activating reachy_controllers.service will launch the nodes from reachy_controllers.

For more information on the nodes, please refer to section What is running/What can I run on my robot.

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