Change Reachy's services from sudo to user mode

As of July 2021, Reachy’s services have been changed from sudo mode to user mode. If your Reachy has been produced after July 2021, this change should be already effective in your robot. If your robot is older and you want change that, for example to use the dashboard, here is what you need to do for the service reachy_sdk_server.service.

  1. Remove the service from the sudo services
sudo systemctl disable reachy_sdk_server.service
sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/reachy_sdk_server.service
  1. Generate the service file in user mode and install it Pull the latest version of reachy_sdk_server and generate the new service file.
cd ~/reachy_ws/src/reachy_sdk_server
git pull
bash generate-service-file.bash

A new file reachy_sdk_server.service should have been created in ~/reachy_ws/src/reachy_sdk_server.

Move this file in the correct service folder

mv ~/reachy_ws/src/reachy_sdk_server/reachy_sdk_server.service ~/.config/systemd/user

Finally enable the service

systemctl --user enable reachy_sdk_server.service

More info on what you can do with the service is available in Reachy’s service documentation page.

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