Finding Reachy's IP

The last required step before actually programing your Reachy is to find its IP address.

A small LCD screen should be installed in Reachy’s back to display Reachy’s IP address. You will need to take down its tee-shirt to see the LCD screen.

The instructions to display the IP address to the LCD screen is provided by the dashboard which is started at boot with the service reachy_dashboard.service.

If the LCD screen is not working, check out the page Find my IP section to learn other ways to get the IP address.

Note: Using the SDK locally also avoids network potential latency or bandwidth issue. Yet, it may not be as convenient as working directly from your usual laptop. You need to plug a screen, keyboard and mouse directly on Reachy’s computer.

You can check that everything is working as expected by running the following Python code:

from reachy_sdk import ReachySDK

# Replace with the actual IP you've found.
reachy = ReachySDK(host='the.reachy.ip.found.')