How to install the Python SDK

The Python SDK is a pure Python library. The installation should thus be rather straightforward. It supports Python >= 3.6 (older versions may work but are not officially supported). It works on Windows/Mac/Linux.

⚠️ SDK versions prior to 0.7.0 are incompatible with Reachy 2023.

We recommend to use virtual environment for your development. They make the installation simple and avoid compatibility issues. They also come with their pip command.

From PyPi

pip3 install reachy-sdk

From the source

git clone
pip3 install -e reachy-sdk


The SDK relies on a few third-party Python packages:

  • numpy - mostly for trajectory computation
  • opencv - for camera frame access
  • grpc - to connect to the robot

They will be installed automatically when you install the SDK.