What needs to be installed

On the Oculus Quest 2

There are two options for this device: use it natively on the headset or run it on your computer using an Oculus link. If you want to use the Oculus Link, please refer to the On Windows computer section. To use it natively, choose one of the following options to install it.

From the Quest Store

Contact us at support@pollen-robotics.com to be added to the list of the beta testers.

Using the apk

Download the apk from our github repo, and install it to your device with your favorite tool (with the meta quest developer hub for instance).

On the Windows computer

Make sure that your VR device is properly installed and running (please refer to your device documentation).

Download the zip archive from our github repo, and unzip it. Simply launch the TeleopReachy.exe file to start the application.