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Debugging teleoperation problems

The app doesn’t connect to the robot

App menu
If you are not connected to the robot, the reason can be one of the following:

  • you are not connected to the right IP address
  • the robot is not connected to the network
  • the services are not working on the robot (either not launched or crashed)
  • your computer is not connected to the network
  • the connection is not stable enough for the app to stay connected to the robot

The robot doesn’t move at all

Check if the app is connected to the robot
First of all, check that the application managed to connect to the robot.
The connection status with the robot is indicated at the top of the menu. Functionalities are disabled on the interface.
See previous section if you are not connected to the robot.

Connected to the robotUnable to connect to the robot
App menu
App menu

Check you turned the motors into stiff mode
You cannot teleoperate the robot if the motors are compliant.
Make sure you have correctly turned the motors stiff in the menu.

Stiff mode

The robot doesn’t move properly

Reachy movements are shifted from my real movements
Your head was probably not correctly aligned with your body when you fixed your position, or you moved since the validation step.
Come back to menu and validate your choices again to be able to fix a new position.

Reachy movements are jerky
The connection is not fast enough between the robot and your computer, or another program may be alterating the reactivity.

I have no image in 2D or 3D view

The camera services may not be working on the robot. Launch the corresponding services on the robot side if necessary.

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