Commands (legacy version)

Controllers input

Valve IndexHTC ViveOculus Touch
Controllers positionsControllers positionsControllers positionsReachy’s end effectors positions
Trigger (squeeze)Trigger (squeeze)Index Trigger (squeeze)Open/Close adaptative gripper
Trigger (press)Trigger (press)Trigger (press)Interact with UI
Grip (squeeze)/Hand Trigger (squeeze)Open/Close adaptative gripper
Right thumb stick (press)Right trackpad (press)Right thumb stick (press)Change commands type
Right thumb stick (direction)Right trackpad (direction)Right thumb stick (direction)Select corresponding command
A button (press)Menu button (press)A/X button (press)Click when required by the interface
Both A buttons (press)Both menu buttons (press)Both A/X buttons (press)Emergency stop

Thumb stick available command types:

  • antennas emotion using the emoji panel control (by default)
  • cameras zoom/dezoom using zoom panel control (only in 2D and 3D Views)
DirectionEmoji panel controlZoom panel control
App menu
App menu
App menu


See Reachy: The 3D-robot model is either:

  • fixed in a immovable position on its support in the basic scene
  • not visible if you see Reachy’s view (2D or 3D View)
See Reachy

Be reachy: set 3D-robot model as your own body

Be Reachy

Use no headset: deactivate the headset tracking so that Reachy’s head won’t follow your head movements


2D View: display Reachy’s left camera on a screen in the headset

Be Reachy

3D View (experimental): display Reachy’s stereoscopic view in the headset

Mirror view: display mirrors in front of the 3D-robot model

Be Reachy

Scene only: basic scene (by default)

Motors compliance

Compliant: set robot’s motors compliant, which means that they can be manually moved. Warning: you won’t be able to teleoperate Reachy with motors in compliant mode.

Stiff: set robot’s motors stiff, which means that they cannot be manually moved anymore. Motors need to be in stiff mode to teleoperate Reachy.

Haptics on/off (experimental)

Emergency stop

Activate emergency stop by clicking on:

  • both A buttons at the same time for Valve Index controllers
  • both menu buttons for Vive controllers
  • both A/X buttons for Oculus Touch.
Emergence stop menu

The following options are available:

  • Open grippers: immediately open the gripper as much as possible to enable the release of any object.
  • Reduce torque: reduce the resistance of the arms motors. The arms will slighty fall down.
  • Set motors compliant: switch all arms and neck motors into compliant mode.
  • Restart application: come back to the very beginning of the application (select IP from interface)

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