Set Reachy ready

Prepare your robot for teleoperation

To teleoperate Reachy from the same network

If the computer used for the teleoperation app is connected to the same network as your robot, you only need to know your robot IP address.

To teleoperate Reachy remotely

To teleoperate Reachy from another network, you need to create a redirection of an IP address towards your robot local IP address.
Set a static IP address to your robot and use the redirection address on the VR application.

Make sure the robot is ready

For the application to connect to be able to connect to the robot make sure:

  • the robot is turned on
  • the robot is connected to the network. We advise the robot to be hard-wired using an ethernet cable if the mobile base is not used.
  • all robot services are launched.
    By default, all required services are launched automatically when you turn the robot on for full/starter kits. For more information, check the available system services.